If you need fish and fun, Fin Doctors has your prescription

About Us

Fin Doctors Charters came about when 3 friends had a passion they decided to turn into a business.

Jeromy has been a longtime fisherman of Crystal River and Yankeetown, FL.

As a child at the age of 10, I was introduced into fishing by my uncle. It has been one of my most defining memories. Most of the fishing I did at that time was inshore focusing on redfish, trout, sheepshead, and snook.

It wasn’t until later in life when I was able to purchase a much larger boat and become an offshore fisherman that I discovered how much I enjoyed catching larger fish that inhabited the reefs and rock piles of the Gulf of Mexico.

There is just something about the sensation of hooking onto a monster fish that is able to take a rod that is an inch in diameter and bend it in half. I can honestly say I can pretty well remember every fish I’ve caught and the story that goes along with it.

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to take friends and loved ones fishing and I’ve found that I get as much joy from watching others catch these big fish and create a story or memory of their own with their friends and family. Greyson, who is a very close friend, has come to find the same passion for fishing. He happens to be one of those friends I took fishing, along with his wife, Allison. Together we have created memories, and this is what we would love to do for our clients whom we hope become friends and family as well.

My father, James, is also a partner in this venture and has become a true fan of fishing. There is no better bonding moment than when a father and son go fishing and create memories together that will last a lifetime. Fin Doctors is our attempt to take something we love and create an experience to make memories for others who share the same love.